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The Guardian Angel Device is a multi-directional, multi-function lighted position marker. (New version)


The device Guardian Angel is a multidirectional and multifunctional luminous position marker.
It allows to report a position thanks to a distributed LED system at 360º. Generally placed on the shoulder of the user, it indicates its presence more than 5 kilomanders.

The main advantage of the system is to be able to keep your hands free, in fact when used on the shoulder, the user benefits from both hands to work, this feature is particularly useful when marking out an area, checking the police or even when making gestures first aid. 

It has different assemblies who connect to his neodymium magnand, it can thus be positioned on a helmand, a mountain bike, a traffic cone or a tubular structure... The most mechanically stressed assemblies can be made integral with the Guardian Angel thanks to a double thread present at the base of the device.

Its programming allows it to separate the lighting into three areas. The user can select the type of lighting assigned to front and back thanks to the buttons located on the top of the device, the top LED illuminates with "GA" high visibility mode. 

It has 4 intensity levels (low, medium, high and MAX.)  adjustable using with one button, for all LEDs. This makes it possible, for example, to read a document without being dazzled and to signal its position to vehicles arriving several kilomanders away.

Consisting of a reinforced polymer case, the device is particularly resistant. He is totally dust proof and waterproof when submerged by one mander for one hour, it is IP68 certified. A notch on the front allows it to be secured with a strap. During the tests it withstood a fall of more than 150 manders. The Guardian Angel Elite Series is suitable for both professional and recreational environments, however, its main users remain police officers, rescuers and intervention technicians.

It is already used by various companies around the world such as DHL and Amazon, but also by the police in New York, Los Angeles and even Chicago.

Are originally delivered with the device, a USB Type-C cable and a shoulder support universal magnandic allowing it to be installed on any outfit.