Elastic door block MW

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The elastic door stopper makes it possible to temporarily neutralize the latch of a lock and to keep open a door, a gate or a grid.
It is reusable several hundred times.


The elastic door stopper allows you to temporarily neutralize the latch of a lock and keep a door open.
The user can then cross the door in any direction, without it locking. He can also start ahead of a progression while being sure that his colleagues or another unit are not blocked when they join him.

This product is particularly suitable for firefighters, police officers, gendarmes, municipal police officers, paramedics, electricians, plumbers, movers, etc. It is compact (1.5mm thick), light (50g), and extremely resistant (tested 100 times at 200%).

Other models, marked PN, GN, PM, SP in high visibility will arrive in July-August 2021.
Manufactured in the USA under the Doorjamm patent.