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Founded in 2014, Mechanical Warriors is a team united around a common passion "tactical equipment". These people belong to the middle of the military industry, as well as to the public administration. The team travels to international fairs to discover and reference new equipment. While developing his network.

In 2019, Mechanical Warriors became a SAS, Mr. Léo Perreau founded the company dedicated to supporting the administrations of the defense and security, as well as communities and businesses. Composed of services, sales, advice, research & development.

In 2020, the commercial activity is set up: it aims to promote innovative products that are little known in France. This year Mechanical Warriors is certified as a NATO Commercial Organization (ncage: FBGQ3).

We continue to practice an important technology watch, in order to preview innovative products to operational staff. Our areas of expertise are the individual equipment of law enforcement and military. Our expertise is mainly focused on textile equipment, ballistic protection, lighting, night vision, communications…

Mechanical Warriors builds strong links with manufacturers, importers and users. Our mobility allows us to constantly assess the correspondence between the offer of equipment manufacturers and the problems in the field.

Mechanical Warriors s’engage pour l’environnement
ISO 14001 avant 2022