Guardian Angel

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Offers and Services


Since November 2020, Mechanical Warriors distributes several materials with high added value. These products are intended for professionals in the defense and security sector, these sales are made through 3 distincts and complementary channels.


Based on the unique expertise of our team and our specialized consultants partner, we carry out audits on equipment of your personnel, by adjusting your development plans and training on new equipment.

Service delivery

Since 2014, Mechanical Warriors has been carrying out technology watch activities, various field tests for its own account. Thanks to its experience and to our specialized consultants partner, Mechanical Warriors offers you its capacities, by setting up an adequate subcontracting offer.


Mechanical Warriors is made up of a team of electrical and mechanical engineers. Our engineering department offers designs and prototyping in weapon accessorization, lighting and night vision.

Custom made

We carefully study each request from the simplest to the most complex. We are able to provide a high degree of customization on all of our products, depending on the customer's requirement and budget.

Mil&LE agencies and B2b customers

Gov. agencies

Serving Gov. agencies, Mechanical Warriors provides a line dedicated to government entities. Located in the Hauts de Seine (92), we can quickly respond to any request for an appointment or loan of products. Our computer system and network procedures guarantee a high level of protection of information relating to our customers. Contact:

Local agencies

Mechanical Warriors supports you in the creation and development of your local police. We are focused on high quality specialized equipment and equip your specialized groups.

Private companies

Mechanical Warriors implements a B2B process reserved for private security companies. This will allow you to equip your agents with quality equipment, while respecting your budget. Our company works with a network of resellers, giving you access to the resale of our brands at preferential rates

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